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Why Choose Us
Asia Printing Technology Co.,Ltd is a outstanding manufacturer in image industry established by experts with more than 10 years experience in the sphere of printer consumables.We offer a full range of printer consumables. ShenZhen AsiaPrinting Technology Co.,Ltd. a high-technology company, was established by a group of experts with rich experience in the industry of supplies for office printers and copiers.
The main direction of the Company's activity is Research and Development (a set of actions, which includes both research studies and production of test and small-batch samples, which precedes entering of new products or system into the industrial production) as well as production and supply of premium quality cartridges for printers, manufactured basing on formulas of in-house design.
We observe the market of cartridges parts constantly, develop new formulas and re-test available ones, keeping them in actual state in order to provide products of stable high quality to our Customers.
For the cartridges production, we are trying to use parts supplied from Manufacturers with the most stable quality.
To evaluate the quality, we use standardized STMC and ASTM F testing methods, which let us to control solid density, backgrounding and cartridge page yield. Besides, we have developed and implemented our own testing methods, which allow us to evaluate a number of subjective parameters apart from the standard ones.
We are ready to develop formulas and perform the products manufacturing as per the Buyer's requirements of price and quality.
For Customers who wants to evaluate the quality of our products, we are ready to perform a comparative expertise of our cartridge and Customer's cartridge as per STMC/ASTM F/own technology.
Our factory was certificated by ISO 9001:2008 (view it) and rated as "Trusted Partner" by Re:Cartridge Yellow Pages, a professional manufacturers web directory since 2011.
We developed and registered a trademark "CHENXI", taking the challenge to become the most well-known brand in China.